We are a non-profit organization that was established on March 26, 2004.  Our sole purpose, as a PTC,  is to be a support system for Paschal teachers, staff, and students! 

2022-2023 PTC Board

From Left to Right (Back Row):
Jenifer Larson: Sunshine Coordinator
Elizabeth Dewberry: T-Shirt/Spirit Stick Coordinator
Amy Heater: Media/Newsletter
Sarah Salge: Bulletin Board/Donation Coordinator
Liz Denner: Chair/Fundraiser Coordinator/Event Coordinator
Courtney May: Co-Chair/Fundraiser /Event/Workroom Coordinator
Shannon Lyle: Benefit Night/Donation Coordinator
Natalie Jarrett: Alternate Board Member
Deva Wesley: Alternate Board Member

From Left to Right (Front Row):
Cindy Phillips: Character Counts Rewards Coordinator
Brittany Ware-Bosanko: Volunteer /Patriots Patrol Coordinator
Coach Dahle: Secretary/Staff Member
Courtney Williams: Treasurer

PTC Guidelines and Bylaws

Learn more about the PTC and what we do!

Our Goals:

To provide communication, cooperation, and better understanding between Educators and Parents through working together in the best interest of the Students.

To unite Educators and Parents in promoting and organizing activities which will assist in better education programs and which will cultivate a closer relationship between home and school.

To conduct discussion so that a mutual understanding of the problems and areas of concern within the school and community can result and that effective solutions to these problems and concerns may be generated.

Normal J. Paschal PTC Board Member Positions

The Norma J. Paschal Parent Teacher Club (PTC) Processes document lists all PTC board member positions and their job descriptions.  Click the link below to read more about them!

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Norma J. Paschal PTC Bylaws

The Bylaws contain our Statement of Purpose and our Duties.

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SCUCISD Booster/Parent Organization Guidelines

Every operating booster and PTC has to follow district guidelines. Every year we are required to turn in appendix B through D.  Please click the button below to review the guidelines.

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Paschal PTC Tax Returns

Norma J. Paschal PTC is a non-profit organization established March 26, 2004.  We are a 501(c)(3), so our tax returns are open to be seen by the public.  Our Federal taxes are due by November 15 annually. We will update the return 30 business days after filing. You may look at our return by clicking the link below. 

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